Conspiratorial Pissings, Lyricless Kerfuffle

Whoooa, just realised both my last posts didn't take. has a thing against me.

Do ya, guys?

Taking a short little “coffee” (matcha and writeas) break from my totally kick ass worknight. Thought I'd drop in and be up a hello.

Speaking of being up a hello


Fucking love that album. Great work music. For me, anywayzle.

Tonight's playlist:

Hours and hours of lyricless electro background noise arranged in musical pentameter

Also layered in the kerfuffle is a 13.8 Hz binaural tone.

And a smattering of vitamins. B complex, magnesium taurate, oestrogen blockers, lithium orotate, butterbur extract, 350 mg centrophenoxine, and 200 mg lamictal. All in all that's a real fine alchemie swirling for me there, and I super recommend it!

Tell me what YOU are listening to?

Another day in, Paradise

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