Entrepreneurs and kids. Our only hope. Let's fix the world, mothatuckers!

Dear Antipattern.

I so love what you said here, and I often find myself musing and gacking on the same subject ad infinitum. (A very ecopunk Portland Oregon hobby, I'd say.)

We are counting on entrepreneurs to solve the massive set of problems that humanity is facing now, and in the future.

It is a pretty sad state of affairs when even if you as an employee are looking to be employed in a company lead by the new entrepreneurs. They are very hard to find.

Where are the new entrepreneurs?

And, like Leia mourned in a galaxy far far away, “they are our only hope”. Humanity's only hope.



All this stock of new entrepreneurs are crap. (Not you though, Elon. We all love ya, ye dirty Muskrat)

Everyone always looks to Patagonia as being this progressive, earth conscious brand, but they are barfs like the rest of them. They're still hocking polyester garbage to the bourgeoisie, while layering the sales page with hopeful emerald sky hyperbole...so... all those bourg Borgs can stay in their blue-pilled bubble. Since when has the blue pill helped anybody?

Look, this is what that hogwash from the head Patagonite sounds like. I betcha you'll drink into it and believe him, too:

“We made a commitment that by 2025 we would use no petroleum products. So all our polyester is going to have to be recycled or it’s going to have to be made out of plants. Our nylons are going to be made out of plants and be biodegradable, and we’re ahead of schedule. I’ve got chemists from MIT. Name another clothing company that has chemists from MIT. For every job opening, we have 1,000 applications, so we can pick from the best. But I’ve told the HR department, with this new mission statement, I don’t want anybody here who’s not working to save the planet.

Um. Every Swiss clothing company and textile company that's actually shifting the world in a positive direction has chemists from MIT working on their products.

And since when does “chemist from MIT” mean something?

I went to MIT briefly. I do crappy chemistry. I am a babbling idiot. Do I qualify as a “chemist from MIT”? In Yvon Chouinard's eyes, I probably do.

Omg and what if it's like, “I watched a MITx lecture on chemistry”. Does that qualify as chemist from MIT?

Anyway. I'm being a dick.

Antipattern is super right.

Where are the big thinking entrepreneurs?

Ones like David De Mayer Rothschild (YEAH, A ROTHSCHILD OMG) who actually does travel the world and curate the best of what we can ecologically, sustainably create.

Wendy Woods talks about how total societal impact benefits businesses. I want to eyeball her sources. P value hacking is real. And rampant.

Shit man. What is real when you can bullshit your way with statistics to any ends you want? Is reality the culture and environment around you? What about those places you can't see or experience with your own eyes (or any perception organ)...

Lies are easier than truths. Especially so say the journalists in the wake of fake news. It's just so much more lucrative to make it all up.

How can you POSSIBLY build a strong societal foundation on brittle lies?

Is everyone mental?

No moonshots.

No inspiration.

No hope.

Our only hope is to communicate the next generation the errors of our ways, and give them enough of a nurturing safe space to collect their minds to fix it. Teach. Teach. Teach business. Allow creativity. Teach subjects the next real world craves. Science. Maths. Chemistry. Sociology. Behavior. Technology. Most of all, conservation and ecology.

And not in an abstract way. How will television teach them the names and uses of all the weeds in the backyard? It'll teach them, in minute detail, the migration patterns of albatrosses, but that's nature porn.

Education needs to be slow, learned over time. Like how Linnaeus or Goethe did it. Iterative. Cumulative.

I honestly think I'm failing all this. Do you even know what we're all collectively up against? Apathy. Millennial self absorption. Mindless materialism. Everything “now”. Dopamine hacking. Mass laziness. Mass ignorance. Flash fashion. (Omfg don't even get me started about fast fashion.)

My kid's Minecraft name was “fixtheworld”.

Maybe he still can.

Entrepreneurs and kids. Our only hope.

Another day in, Paradise

PS – Ugh. Lastly, Playstation is cancer.

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