How Girls Talk, S2 Ep 109: Telepathic Singularity, Octopuses, spookily similar handwriting and Friends who are ghosts

How Girls Talk is a documentary series following the mundane text conversations of two long distance bffs. We post this as sociological study for you, and as nostalgic reminiscent savoring for us. Nothing profound, just two girls sharing space together.

Paradise: Secret Genius: Cookies and sour candy make quitting sugar so hard. Yes there are alternatives but I’m lazy and not into food prep I was just thinking about this Paradise: Um oranges. Are sugar and sour candy all in one Secret Genius: Actually cookies I can quit. sour candy is the only thing that makes me relapse There is nothing natural like it Paradise: And you can get them free by the bucketful if you go over to Auntie Paradise's house and prune her tree Secret Genius: Dried sour fruit doesn’t cut for it me Paradise: Try a non supermarket citrus Secret Genius: I think maybe it is just the processed sugar in them I can’t get to Auntie Paradise's house easily ESP without car My parents have a grapefruit and lemon tree. I have special grapefruit spoons I love them I did find a receipt for sugar free sour candy online I will try one of these days The post hahaha Paradise: Ikr. The post. Oh man I love grapefruit Nora has the little mandarin satsuma hybrids Secret Genius: My mom said my dad during one of his stress ptsd dreams had a dream he found all the matches of the socks that he threw away Paradise: Man that sounds satisfying Secret Genius: Like that’s so sad somehow the brain is so funny like def a separator and wholeness thing Like but you still only found one. the original was thrown away thinking you wouldn’t find the other Found all the ones that matched the ones that were thrown away I always have dream about baggage it’s pissing me off cause I’m trying to just set the intention on how to resolve the baggage without obsessing and overthinking But I’m getting impatient Paradise: Well sometimes you just have to have a storage unit Secret Genius: The baggage is always the problem slowing me down from where I’m going I’m losing it as I go along cause I’m unable to carry it like it’s sooo obvious Paradise: All the minimal-desiring Millennials have found that minimalism isn’t the way to go Secret Genius: Hahaha yea compartmentalization Paradise: Yeah, right? Because sometimes its just not useful for you to unpack it, but you still have to have it on you. Secret Genius: That’s the storage unit hahahai member you said you’re better at that than me so that’s funny you say that Paradise: And at some point you can resolve the baggage or yard sale it Secret Genius: My mom says stuff like that too like you just gotta store it away Paradise: But either way, it won’t be something you carry anymore. But for now, just either pack it down into a more efficient purse or Sanrio mini backpack you can tote around easier, or stick it in storage Secret Genius: Or keeping it there so you can resolve it when you feel like it and not feel overwhelmed by it at once Like you can do a little at a time like cleaning your garage Paradise: Duh exactly And you can repack it Always repack Makes the box look smaller Makes the box look ACTUAL SIZE Secret Genius: This is helping me. this is a common problem I have where I can’t think about just what I’m doing I think it about it all at infectious *at once Paradise: totally. Its a common problem. I face it all the time too Secret Genius: That’s a typo Paradise: How human we get to be this life! Imagine if we were worms or something. No baggage! Secret Genius: Like having anxiety over tiny tasks is a childhood cptsd thing Paradise: Just instinct and one direction Secret Genius: That’s call being in a state of flow Paradise: Yeah, I can totally relate to any over tiny tasks Secret Genius: I watched a thing about it like you’re suppose to always challenge yourself with stuff that’s only 4% harder than what you’re capable of so you’re always growing but not overwhelmed Paradise: Maybe they’re not tiny Idk Secret Genius: Idk it has to do with flow I forget It was on gaia Paradise: Haha, I read another thing that you’re supposed to challenge yourself to 70% of your capacity to get long term gains Secret Genius: They got some new interesting shows Paradise: That’s 34% difference!!! It was a Japanese running study For elderly people Secret Genius: Yea I really can’t remember that could be a percentage I mixed up with something else Paradise: No one stick to anything if its 100% effort very day Secret Genius: The point more was being in a flow state Paradise: 70% effort in spurts and then a leisurely leafy pace is the path to comfortable longevity Yup I getcha Secret Genius: That makes sense Paradise: loafy* I’ve been practicing that lately and it’s just fucking wonderful Then I realized a week in 70% last week is like 65% this week, which is a 5% gain Because im getting stronger Which might tie back into your 4% talk! BOOM MINDBLOW FUCK do you SEE IT?? Secret Genius: Yea I needa start small and work up The courses of snacks is me. When I go get snacks esp when I’m stoned I have to get savory salty sweet and sour all at once cause after I’m satisfied with one I will crave the other It’s sort of ridiculously planned out Paradise: Or its your body reaching for all kinds of nourishment you typically ignore, but in the altered state you crave to fuel the thought trains you’re on Like sour = vitamin c craving Salty = mineral craving Sweet = also a mineral craving Savory = protein craving They’re all messages from inside your body Its just that modernland makes it too easy to get echos of what you really need Modernland processing = delivers the taste without the substance I mean taste communicates at least some substance. Its so tricky living in the peri-apocalypse Secret Genius: Omg that crab writing numbers what the fuck what the fuck I learned something recently about celphapods Terrance McKenna was saying and I can’t stop thinking about it My cancer rising is screaming Paradise: I want to hear about the cephalopods Secret Genius: I’ll share later it’s a must listen but I gotta find it and trim it down it’s so poetic and prolific Paradise: Fuck I love sea monsters Yeah that sounds fucking awesome I love you I really do Its like… every day… I’m so glad I got a bestie Secret Genius: The way he says it I love his voice Paradise: Yes deffo .. TMK’s voice is fucking tight Secret Genius: Omg obsessed I was listening to this one thing that was making me laugh like he’s talking about how there’s not much documentation on Jesus but we know everything about some dude named maneyi or I can’t spell.. like we have his tax returns We know how many cups of coffee he drank a day Paradise: nuts Secret Genius: He’s funny and graceful and poetic without making his voice change a lot I can’t explain it Paradise: No need to explain Its just charisma Mmmm charisma Warm blanket of affectation Secret Genius: Man now I gotta show you. It’s weird cause it’s the same day I heard some channeler dude explaining were not telepathic anymore so we can have private thoughts Paradise: Fuck thats cool We will get to telepathic singularity within a lifetime though So we should enjoy this while we still can Secret Genius: Then I listen to this unrelated dif topic thing with Terrance and he brings up how the only way a octopus can have a private thought is by squirting ink Cause they are visually telepathic and literately become their thoughts The universe always does this to me I listen to dif videos and topics and they tie together on the same day Hold on I’ll find it Secret Genius: I seriously can’t wait for you to listen Paradise: Okay! Secret Genius: The way he says ‘soft body’ Ok I’m gonna listen at same time I’m excited Paradise: Listening now xxxxxxxxoooooo “Communication And Non-Communication Among the Cephalopods”. I am so reading that next Secret Genius: Only copy I could find online is $35 haha Paradise: This is mindblow I wonder if its on kindle Secret Genius: Listen to the whole thing! Paradise: Naked mind! Naked fucking mind! God I need a pet octopus What is this talk from ? Secret Genius: A talk about mushrooms! That I never listened to cause it starts like this and I then stop caring about the topic because fucking this! I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind for 2 weeks Paradise: Omfg please lemme listen to the rest of this Secret Genius: The way he says soft body I’m annoyed by the audience laughter but other than that it’s perfect Paradise: So good I’ll send you a syringe too We will grow mushies together Secret Genius: Yes, I made a list of what I need and was extensively reading how to grow last night Paradise: I will listen to it with groovy background music Always a fave Secret Genius: It made me realize I hadn’t mind jizzed in a minute It’s so delicious the way he describes it Its like almost there almost there ahhhhhhhhh 🐙🦑🐙 Paradise: They were already my favorite animal Now it makes it more PSYCHOREAL Secret Genius: Why is that crab writing numbers tho like now I needa research what that’s about That’s what started this Isn’t he so poetic tho??? A naked mind. It dances it’s intent!!! *dances Mind porn Paradise: No kidding, im swooning Thank you for sharing Secret Genius: Omg I’m gonna send you this video where these scientists found this crazy looking octopus that looks like a toy on the floor of the ocean but it’s so funny looking they are like laughing and kind of roasting the poor thing There like it looks like dog toy someone dropped in the ocean This is Ghost Sister's handwriting. She was quoting me. Paradise: Ghost Sister's handwriting looks like your handwriting Looks like my handwriting We are fucking spooky Have you realized that// Secret Genius: Yesss No and yes Slopppy Paradise: No and yes for sure But yesssss Secret Genius: Yea I actually thought I wrote it Paradise: We write the same ligatures The same written direction Letter shapes the same Secret Genius: Until I realized it came from her notebook and she was quoting me like I wouldn’t quote myself we wrote quotes all the times but quoting eachother when we thought we said funny things Yea mindmeld man: she would return clothes that belonged to her And id be like that’s yours... like we forgot whose stuff belonged to who Paradise: Thats delicious People dont understand the staying power of girls Secret Genius: Yeaaa I member I came across some statistic on that or something once it was saying how female friendships outlast all others including ones with your children or something haha I member talking to you about it Paradise: I was the one who told you about that. haha This is the clothes thing Secret Genius: Omg realllly?? Paradise: Only in ideas Secret Genius: This is so perfect Paradise: Im peeling That is so funny Literally tearing Secret Genius: I’m so glad that just happened Paradise: its a wrinkle wink in the universe When it skips a heartbeat And tells us something cute Secret Genius: Heheheheeeee I love you! Paradise: ✧・゚: ✧・゚: D I T T O :・゚✧:・゚✧ It’s so peaceful getting to really really know and own yourself Secret Genius: Yessss and so fascinating too Paradise: Know, own, love Secret Genius: Just interesting Paradise: Yes I agree You hit a good pocket Secret Genius: We’re such cool people man I love us What do basic chicks even talk about Paradise: Maybe they talk about this too in their own words? Secret Genius: Yeaaa totes Paradise: Haha or maybe they’re just obsessing over different shades of foundation or hair dye Either way They’re being womanly and improving upon their beauty Whether inside or out. True beauty and intelligence are one in the same. Secret Genius: Like we all mirroring. but yea... or maybe they're talking about themselves through who they talk shit about or obsess about Cause you hate and obsess about you whether youre conscious about it or not. Like so they're doing it in their own way. Paradise: Totally true I’ve been hating/ burning with envy less lately Secret Genius: Prob cause you giving yourself more space Paradise: It’s not even a “catch myself” thing. I just switched lately to admiring and saying to myself “be there soon!” Secret Genius: The more space you hold for yourself The less of that there will be You have to hold soooo much space for yourself Unconditional love and patience and space Paradise: Now imagine that x how many people in family unit Paradise: Because mothers are a family are an individual Secret Genius: Omg you’re a badass You’re right Paradise: Hahahhahahahaha thank you fuck that feels good to hear Secret Genius: Moon is almost full Paradise: Yes! And Jupiter is in line with it – more expansion time Secret Genius: I just got home from a walk it was pretty The moon Secret Genius: Ohhh jupiter is luck Paradise: Yes it was an astoundingly beautiful night here too Secret Genius: An empathic badass A spacing holding warrior Paradise: Warrior for realsies There is so much outside pressure!!! And so much internal pressure!!! I am so looking forward to the retreat so I can learn how to relieve myself of all this pressure Skillz yo Secret Genius: Yea pressure blocks flow That’s why I say you are the ultimate badasss I love you I’m always holding all of the space for you Paradise: Cuz we fam Fam from another clam 22:22 ...minus 22 seconds Secret Genius: Full moon plans? Paradise: Sleep on balcony Damn gimme some inspo Secret Genius: Oh nice! Paradise: New hammock. Vegas at night feels like a velvet blanket it’s soooo nice Secret Genius: Nice! I really like the feel of the desert Paradise: Super silky. Love it. Feels healing Even tho desolate Secret Genius: desolate is part of what I love about it Paradise: Yeah I love wide open spaces Love em There’s a huge sky here too The sunsets are ecclesiastical