How Girls Talk, S5 Ep1 – “Fuck Microdosing”.

Secret Genius: Didn’t you say you had a good mushrooms connect? Can I have it again Any sort of psychedelic really Paradise: Yeah – my friend [redacted] Hes in [redacted, unless you need an LA hookup, then hmu] Secret Genius: Oh shit convenient! Can I get contact info?? Paradise: I just sent him your number. He’s a real good salesman, super good at following up. Total pro, hehe File Transfer: [redacted].vcf Secret Genius: Thank you so much!! Paradise: When you go can you get extra and send them to me? Secret Genius: Yea I’ll let you know prob won’t be until later in June. 2nd half Doing one on one reiki course on the 8th Paradise: No worries… I have a few to go around out here til then. Secret Genius: And going to Integratron next weekend You have some? Do you micro dose? I haven’t done it in years Paradise: Fuck microdosing If I wanna trip I want to pack my fucking bags No weekend warrior for me Secret Genius: Haha I was joking Cause I hear about it Paradise: Yeah, and it’s pretty lame Secret Genius: I’m trying to macrodose Paradise: Micro is for people who have NEVER done anything before and are too wimpy to try Secret Genius: I thought it was something therapeutic like that’s how I imagined it Like a little amount but regularly Paradise: Vitamins do better than microshroom any day Speaking from experience nah. Then you’ll build up this low key tolerance for mush So when you want to go on a vacation you’ll need a fucking magic mountain Secret Genius: Yea wtf! So much has changed this week it’s crazy I gotta process but I do wanna talk to you but I need a week or 2 Paradise: No prob babe! You know how “here” I am for you! If someone’s door is open to someone I would say I have the St Louis Gateway Arch open to you Fuck that a universal wormhole portal Secret Genius: Why do a psychedelic timidly? I don’t wanna trip balls I just wanna bounce them softly? It makes no sense the fucking point is to lose your mind. Your personal and spiritual growth Paradise: Though I hear wormholes can actually be quite small.. not how it is in scifi. They can be as big as a softball and go actually nowhere… lol haha. Yeah lets bounce some balls. That’s like if you touch your penis slightly versus a full on fuck with a babe. You’ll learn way more about yourself when you’re fucking a babe Secret Genius: Just the tip Yeaaa learning comes from experience the more extreme the more you learn you gotta go to the edge then taper it back. That’s how you get balance having experienced both ends of the extreme. Anyways I gotta go I’m very much on a journey right now I’m excited and nervous I’m feeling and processing shit I’ve been avoiding but I’m doing good I love you im praying for u Paradise: THANK YOU I LOVE YOU TOO Secret Genius: You are so precious to me Paradise: Thank you for praying for me Omg likewise I am cry

Dear universe, this is how girls actually talk.

Another day in, Paradise

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