Revenge of the Lifecycle.

So up until a few months ago, bugs didn't bother me.

I was the type of kid who'd get sick pleasure from jamming a bunch of squirming things in my mouth, psychofreaking all the other girls in 3rd grade.

During my last psilocybin trip, however...

Scene 1.

I was sprucing, cleaning, nesting, in my pleasant triptomatic high. Listening to beautiful wavy music sounds, swaying in my own way in total peaceful harmony. Connected to the world.


I moved the trash can to one side, and saw it.

A squirming nest of some sort of beetle larvae, with their millions of tentacles, fuzzy backs, and centipede-like slithering.

And my mind BLEW UP.

The retch freezed my soul. SEIZED my soul.

These minuscule creatures all of a sudden

GREW garGANtuan





I was gripped in soulterror, wearing a straitjacket of tiny needled FORCIPULES forcing me to FEEL them over my entirety


Scene 2.

So now,

I'm afraid of bugs.

I loathe them. I hate them. I squirm at THEM.


now this is ridiculous:

I just JUST 5 minutes ago saw my last bag of mushrooms on the ground. It must've fallen out of my purse at some point in the past few days while I was sprucing things up in peaceful harmony.

And then.


another swarming NEST of those squirming, creeping HELL DEMONS


(Can you imagine what is possibly happening in their tiny arthropod protominds? If they even have brains? What in fuck are they dreaming?)

Revenge of the life cycle, indeed.

Another day in, Paradise

PS: I am still absolutely paralyzed disgusted at these things and it is with considerable bravery that I coexist with them in this world.

PPS: I also enjoyed everything he saw.

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