I wish we could tag other people's posts — I know a few people who I'd mark as #visionary — which would help others who are seeking visionaries, and not just regular human condition stuff.

Saw a tweet yesterday that I'll try to recreate from memory, because I don't remember who twote it (not my feed).

Said something about...

When men experience paranoia they do so in systemic scale (alien abduction, govt conspiracy theories)

When women experience paranoia they do so at a personal scale (crystal woo, ... and some other stuff I can't remember)


In that way,

Is it sexist to want to see more systemic visionariness? I think women are perfectly capable of systemic thinking. Self nominated case in point. Maybe I'm delusional or an exception, but I don't think so. I have an PHD in overthinking says my girlfriend. But see, so does she.

If we fairer sex were all so liberated to think.

Anyway. #visionary tag. For those expansive thinkers out there, male or female.

Just some thoughts from paradise.

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